Trader information


Please find below important information that will ensure the smooth set up of the market and the safe loading and unloading from your stall. Access to the site outside of the times identified will be prohibited without specific permission from Bridgend Council. You will also find a schedule of important event times and useful event information.

We would like to remind exhibitors that only products agreed with the Council may be sold at your stall. We aim to provide a vibrant and professional market for Bridgend and we would like to encourage you to make an effort in dressing your stall. We will be providing some music and street entertainment to add to the vibrancy.

Bridgend Festivals will be providing the stalls, so if you have any questions regarding them please call Barry King 07976430086.

If you have any questions please give me a call on 01656 815225 or email


Saturday 07:00 Town Centre Site OPENS to Stall Holders
09:00 All vehicles off site
10:00 Site opens to the public
16:00 Site closes to the public
17:30 Vehicle access for loading
20:00 All vehicles off site




Parking is available in a number of locations within Bridgend Town centre:


Bridgend Town Centre Car Parks Type & location Capacity Notes
Tremains Road Surface Pay & Display Llynfi Lane (off Tremains Road) CF31 1DP 43 CCTV 24/7
The Rhiw Multi Storey Pay & Display

Water St., off Angel St.

CF31 1DP

240 CCTV 24/7
Leisure Pool Surface Pay & Display Angel Street CF31 4AH 40 CCTV 24/7
Tondu Road Surface Pay & Display Tondu Road (Bridgend RFC) CF31 4JE 89 CCTV 24/7
Five Bells Road Surface Free Five Bells Road CF31 3HW 15 CCTV 24/7
Brackla 1


Multistorey Pay & Display Cheapside CF31 1BZ (Brackla St Police Station – opposite car park) 387 NO TALL VANS

CCTV 24/7

Locked 6pm – 7am

& All Day Sunday

Bowls Hall Surface Pay & Display

Angel Street

CF31 1DP







You will not need any separate street trading license.


Security will not be provided during the market.


The following guidelines are given to exhibitors:

  • We advise valuables and cash are removed from site whilst you are not present on site.
  • We advise that stock is secured or removed from stalls whilst you are not present on site.
  • We advise all exhibitors that they are expected to ‘man’ their stalls at all times the event is open, on every event day. For further information on opening times, please refer to the schedule for exhibitors.
  • The event organisers cannot be held responsible for the loss or theft of stock from your stall.
  • If you are using card payment facilities at the event, we advise that you make use of an instant card validation system or phone your service provider to check the authenticity of payment cards. This will avoid you becoming a victim of credit card fraud.


  • Only products detailed on your application form is allowed to be sold at your stall.
  • It will not be possible to move your stall due to electrical set up, layout designs and publicity.
  • We strongly recommend that you bring a trolley with you to help transport your produce from your vehicle to your stall.
  • Advertising boards, signage, A frame signs or any other form of advertising are not allowed outside the confines of your allocated stall space.
  • Any exhibitors displaying material deemed to be not appropriate, misleading or of an offensive nature will be asked to remove it immediately.
  • Caterers are only permitted to use the space within their stall and the space immediately in front of their stall.
  • No cooking or preparation is permitted out of doors unless immediately in front of your stall.
  • Please note that there are no production kitchen facilities available at the event. We advise all catering exhibitors to make provision for hot hand washing and hot washing up.
  • We suggest that all catering and food producers investigate obtaining a food standards agency rating for their registered premises and produce. Please contact your local environmental health officer for more information.



You will need to supply your own public liability insurance. If you do not have this, cover can be easily obtained with the NMTF on Tel; 01226 749021 or, who offer competitive full annual cover.

Selling and preparing food

The General Food Regulations 2004, the Food Hygiene (Wales) Regulations 2006 and Regulation EC 852/2004 apply to any moveable or temporary food premises.

These guidelines are not solely an interpretation of the legislation applicable to mobile outdoor catering but are also based on experience in improving the standards of catering at outdoor events to provide the safe and high quality food that the public deserves.

Each food contractor must:

– Make sure food is supplied or sold in a hygienic way

– Identify food safety hazards

– Know which steps are critical for food safety

– Ensure safety controls are in place, maintained and reviewed

All vehicles/trailers used for delivery of food must be kept clean and in good condition. Vehicles used for transporting high-risk food should be refrigerated.

Please ensure when storing and preparing food:

– Separation of raw and cooked products

– Protection from risk of contamination

– Provision of clean, suitable containers

– All food to be stored off the ground (0.45m minimum)

– Food is pre-washed before coming to the event site.

Exhibitors are expected to provide adequate hand cleansing facilities appropriate to the product being sold. It is the food contractor’s responsibility to make use of these facilities. Please ensure that you provide wipes and gloves as a standard method of your food safety procedure.

Smoking is prohibited in all buildings, rooms and enclosed spaces by law. This legislation also includes tents, cool rooms, kitchens and temporary structures. Hand wash facilities must be used after smoking.

All food contractors are reminded that they must provide their own washing up facilities at the event.

All food contractors are required to put into place suitable protection measures to prevent paving, grass areas and floor surfaces from becoming damaged or dangerous as a result of cooking activities, oil or fat.

Exhibitors should ensure that they and their premises are registered with their own local authority food safety department. Council Food Safety Departments will be completing pre-event checks with each local authority before the event commences.

Please display your food hygiene rating where appropriate.