Roots Street Festival comes to town

Joining our September Street Market at the Roots Street Festival.Let’s get together #OurTown #OurRoots #BrighterBridgend


Organised Kaos

Its great to welcome back Organised Kaos for the second Roots Street Festival! Organised Kaos are a not-for-profit social enterprise. All money madefrom our activities is reinvested into our circus training school,making arts-based participation available to all members of our Welshcommunity.We offer individually customized packages of activities and performancesfor any type of event – large or small, local, national orinternational – with highly skilled performers and state of the artequipment, making any event a real show stopper.Through exciting partnerships with a diversity of high profileorganisations and productions, Organised Kaos is flying the flag for theresurgence of professional circus as a viable and relevant art form.Thanks for joining us again Nicola.#circus #Family #kids #BrighterBridgend

Posted by Roots Festival on Montag, 28. August 2017


Voucher Comp No 2

OK, so tonights £25 pound voucher challenge…what is your fondest memory of Bridgend Town Centre? Please add your comments old and new, weird and wonderful and we will pick the winner for 5pm tomorrow. Lets see them fond memories..

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Win a voucher No 1

So, we have 3 £25 vouchers up for grabs to spend at this Saturdays CF31 Street Market​ – 1 per night. from now  (Wednesday) until Friday.

So to win tonights voucher, tag yourself and friends into the picture on our Facebook page, as below. Access our page on the right and we will pick the person who hits the hidden spot by 5pm tomorrow! Good luck and TAG away.